The company was found in 2001 and we have since then produced a range of products including rugs, carpets and home textiles. Our main sale areas are large chain stores and wholesalers. 

We are active in several countries including Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Italy and the United States of America. However, our main country is Sweden. 

We market Aksara Aparels product range on the European market. Aksara Apells is located in Karur, India. Aksara sells, apart from complete product ranges, mainly kitchen textiles. The company also market rugs and carpets manly produces in Egypt, Turkey, India and China. 

We find having the right design an important part of our business. We are always aiming to be one step ahead when it comes to patterns and the right colours. Therefore we have a close collaboration with established designers, for example Birgitta Lamm. 

Our biggest goal is efficient, which makes us an organisation without unnecessary costs. We will do everything we can to provide our customers with the right service for the right price.